Sunday, July 5, 2009

Studying the Craft of Lyrics

Scott Guy is the Executive Director of the Academy for New Musical Theatre.In Chicago, Scott was the Producing Artistic Director of both Passage Theatre and the Children’s Classical Theatre. In Los Angeles he became a writer/producer for PBS, Disney Channel, the Learning Channel, The Discovery Channel, FOX-TV, Children’s Television Workshop, NBC, and Warner Brothers, gathering six Emmy nominations along the way. His plays and musicals have been produced in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and London.

I will be learning the craft of lyric writing at the Academy for New Musical Theatre this summer, in two courses taught by Scott Guy: "The Lyric Lab," and "The Lyric Analysis Intensive."

Friday, July 3, 2009

The 2009 New Works Festival

Jeff Liu, EastWest Players' Literary Manager, introduces "Rock God Opera" to the audience.Behind Jeff, from left to right, are actors: Matt Valle, Chris Millar, Stephen Simon,Blake Silver, Liz Lytle, Keo Woolford, Alyssa Preston, Jennifer Preston, and Lauren Nasman.

"Rock God Opera" actors, hard at work

From left to right: Jennifer Fenton, Blake Silver, Alyssa Preston, Liz Lytle, and Matt Valle.
From left to right: Matt Valle (George Harrison/Jim Morrison/Fan/Paparazzi/Priest), Blake Silver (Orpheus), and Chris Millar (Paul McCartney/Fan/Paparazzi).
From left to right: Stephen Simon (John Lennon/Sid Vicious/Fan), Blake Silver (Orpheus), Keo Woolford (Hades/Elvis/Fan), Liz Lytle (Eurydice) throwing the rocker hand-sign, and beyond is Alyssa Preston (Hera/Janis Joplin).

More Rehearsal Pics

Pictured here are Liz Lytle, who played Eurydice in the recent reading of "Rock God Opera." Next to her is Keo Woolford, who portrayed Hades. Keo has performed a one-man show in the past, at EastWest Players.

For more information on Keo's work, click on the link in the upper right-hand corner of this site. Thank you to all the amazing actors who participated in the reading of "Rock God Opera."

Final Rehearsals

These are three of the ladies that were cast in the recent "Rock God Opera" reading. From left to right, they are Alyssa Preston (Hera/Janis Joplin), Jennifer Fenton (Aphrodite/Mama Cass/Groupie), and Lauren Nasman (Nancy Spungen/Karen Carpenter/Groupie).