Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mutato Muzika

I visited Mutato Muzika earlier his week, to meet with renown musician/artist Mark Mothersbaugh. Their office on Sunset Blvd. is my dream studio--decorated throughout with gorgeous paintings and sculptures. Even the furniture is beautifully designed! Everywhere you look, is a new inspiration. Even the building-design itself is incredible.Mark Mothersbaugh is a Renaissance Man, who expresses himself in a multitude of creative ways. Below is a vintage photographic image from his latest book, "Beautiful Mutants."

Mark works in just about every medium, musical and visual. Hanging in the lobby of his office are a series of 4' x 6' throw-rug art pieces that he designed. They are due to be exhibited at a gallery soon.

It was fun, discussing the "Rock God Opera" project with him--Mark has composed music for many live action and animated projects. He is perhaps best known for his band, "Devo."

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