Tuesday, September 7, 2010

CD Booklets and Jewel Cases

Here are the cd booklet images, as displayed through the front of the jewel cases.
The jewel case shown at the right, has a black tray inside. This helps to emphasize the artwork on the cd itself.
The open jewel case shown here, has a clear tray inside, through which you can see an image of red velvet drapes and candles.
Here are a couple of cds shown from the outside. These examples show both the cd covers through the front, as well as artwork that is set into the back of the jewel case.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mutato Muzika

I visited Mutato Muzika earlier his week, to meet with renown musician/artist Mark Mothersbaugh. Their office on Sunset Blvd. is my dream studio--decorated throughout with gorgeous paintings and sculptures. Even the furniture is beautifully designed! Everywhere you look, is a new inspiration. Even the building-design itself is incredible.Mark Mothersbaugh is a Renaissance Man, who expresses himself in a multitude of creative ways. Below is a vintage photographic image from his latest book, "Beautiful Mutants."

Mark works in just about every medium, musical and visual. Hanging in the lobby of his office are a series of 4' x 6' throw-rug art pieces that he designed. They are due to be exhibited at a gallery soon.

It was fun, discussing the "Rock God Opera" project with him--Mark has composed music for many live action and animated projects. He is perhaps best known for his band, "Devo."